Why Choose Paraben Free Face Care

I was enraged after reading about parabens and how they have been found in breast cancer tumors. OK, so enraged is a strong word…mostly, I made that tsk tsk sound and shook my head like there was nothing I could do about the evils in the world. Well there is something you can do about parabens and its really easy. You can use paraben free lotions and creams.
Parabens are an artificial preservative. They have a long shelf life and are highly effective at preventing bacteria and fungi from growing. That’s why they have been used so widely in the cosmetic industry.
Historically, parabens have been assumed safe by the medical community. However, recently they have been found in breast cancer tumors, causing doctors to re-evaluate the safety of these preservatives.
More tests need to be performed before we can conclude anything definite. What has been discovered so far, is that parabens behave like the hormone estrogen. Doctors believe that is why they have converged in cancer tumors.
The source of the parabens in these tumors is believed to be our skin care products.
Would you rather wait for scientific proof that parabens cause cancer or would you like to take the matter into your own hands and choose paraben free face care now,
It really is quite easy to find paraben free lotions and creams. When you read the labels of your skin care products, make sure to avoid any ingredient that ends in paraben, such as methylparaben or ethylparaben. Ingredients listed as a parahydroxybenzoic acid are parabens and should be avoided.
Don’t assume that because a product claims to be all natural, that it will not include parabens. True paraben free lotions and creams will not list any paraben substance in the ingredients and will often claim to be paraben free right on the bottle.
A great source for paraben free face care is the internet. Often times the best skin care is only advertised on the web. The money these companies save in advertising goes directly back into the products. Just make sure any product you buy has the ingredients listed directly on the web site.
So go out there and be proactive. Read labels and make sure you are buying paraben free face care.

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