White Teeth – 5 Steps in Keeping Your Teeth Pearly White

Tooth stains and gradual discoloration are one of the most frustrating problems a person can get. This situation somehow affects day-to-day interactions, be it personal or business. A trip to a dental clinic becomes a necessity but this too becomes an additional burden not just in terms of finances but when you have to face a process of treatment that demands more of your time. These 5 steps in keeping your teeth pearly white will allow you to face the world with a confident smile.
1. Follow a regimen of good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice daily or after each heavy meal. Brushing should be done properly using the most suitable toothbrush for your type of teeth. The gums, tongue and inner cheek should also be brushed to have the feeling of total freshness. Flossing will help remove a great percentage of food particles left in between teeth and using a mouthwash will lessen the bacteria that contribute to discoloration. Use of homemade or specialized toothpaste whiteners is also possible.
2. Use a straw. If you cannot stop or even cut down on your consumption of beverages that tarnish your teeth, use a straw. There are also medications that can cause serious staining, so when you need to take drugs that are heavily colored, use of a straw will help avoid direct contact of these staining agents with your white teeth.
3. Quit smoking. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes are absorbed by the teeth. The teeth suffer when you smoke a lot because smoking definitely causes staining. Not only that, it also gives you bad breath.
4. Eat the right food. Proper diet will help maintain healthy and pearly white teeth. Sugary snacks and sodas can cause tooth decay because of the increase in bacteria in your mouth that come in contact with the sugar. Large consumption of alcohol can cause staining but drinking plenty of water can act as your mouthwash helping to reduce stains. Eat foods that contain a good amount of calcium.
5. Visit a dentist. Get an appointment with a dentist. A dental check-up at least once a year will be greatly beneficial. Don’t just contact your dentist every time you have pressing dental trouble. Regularly seeing your dentist to have a general dental clean and check-up will ensure a trouble-free oral and dental system.
These steps in keeping your teeth pearly white can help give you a confident and captivating smile wherever you go.

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