What is Paraben Free Face Care, Is it Necessary,

Paraben free face care refers to the routine of using only facial care products that do not contain parabens. If you have never heard of parabens and have no idea why they should be avoided, you are not alone. Many people put them on and in their body on a daily basis without ever realizing they can be harmful.
Parabens are preservatives that are used in many different products so that they remain usable for a much longer period of time. Without preservatives, skin care products, shampoos, foods, and a variety of other products that we consume on a daily basis would have a much shorter shelf life.
Almost everything that is purchased off a store shelf today contains preservatives because the longer shelf life saves money for manufacturers. Parabens are used most often because they are very cheaper than some other types of preservatives.
This is where paraben free lotions and creams come into play. Many consumers are turning to paraben free face care products and natural homemade products because it is believed parabens and other preservatives could be unhealthy when used on a regular basis.
Those who use paraben free face care products believe some studies which have found a link between these preservatives and breast cancer. It is believed that the preservatives mimic the effects of the female hormone drug estrogen within the body. This in turn can lead to hormonal issues and it is believed cancer.
Of course, the manufacturers of products that include parabens still maintain that it is completely safe for consumption as well as application on the face. It is actually quite confusing for many consumers who are not certain whether to believe studies that say there is a link and manufacturers who say there is not.
That is why many people are deciding not to take risks with their health and are purchasing paraben free face care products over those that are more readily available in stores.  They are seeking out all natural, paraben free lotions and creams that are guaranteed not to put these potentially dangerous ingredients on their skin.
Here is one big perk for consumers who decide to take this safe route for the sake of their skin and overall health: manufacturers who leave out the preservatives also tend to leave out other harmful and irritating ingredients, such as fragrances.
The problem is that paraben free face care products are rather hard to find, especially for consumers who only look for them through local stores. The best way to find them is to search online and order from reputable websites and brands.

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