What Causes Bad Hair,

Many of our daily activities and habits impact upon the general health of our hair. With so much advertising and marketing emphasis focused on weight loss and fitness it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that the state of your hair can actually tell a lot about the state of your over all health too.
If your hair is damaged then everyday soon turns into a ‘bad hair day’ which is hardly a great feeling. By looking at your lifestyle it can soon become clear where hair damage is occurring. Sun exposure is bad for your hair and that ‘sun kissed’ look is a sure sign of damage. The UV rays actually fade your hairs colour and make the follicles brittle and dry.
To counter against sun damage it’s advised to wear a hat and to regularly use a deep conditioner to repair and deeply nourish your hair. These are the kinds of conditioners that you leave in for 5 minutes or more before rinsing and they should be used as often as once a week. You can also buy hair products which contain sunscreen agents for your hair.
Rushing is another cause of bad hair. Excessive blow drying to save time or combing too roughly to untangle knots all creates the kind of damage we want to avoid. Be sure to let your hair dry naturally as much as you can, take the time to condition your hair well and be gentle with that brush! In a hurried lifestyle and in an attempt to get things done quickly you can harm the health of your hair all for the sake of saving a little time.
The one kind of damage everyone knows about is colouring. If you use these products too often your hair is going to struggle to stay naturally healthy so try to restrict your use of them and be sensible about it. Eat well, take time with your hair, condition properly and mind the sun!

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