Top Ten Reasons For Making Your Own Skin and Hair Care Products

Think about your last trip to the drug store. Do you remember seeing aisle after aisle of beauty products, The shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for every type of hair, Shelves crowded with skin creams, lotions, masks, and moisturizers, With such abundance, do you ever wonder why some people make their own skin and hair care products, Here are the top ten reasons.
1. Cost. Many natural and homemade personal care products are just as effective as their drug store, salon, and department store counterparts. But do-it-yourself treatments cost a small fraction of what you’d have to pay for most manufactured versions. Making your own products is a shrewd way to slash spending without giving up luxurious items and therapeutic experiences.
2. Convenience. To improve the condition of their hair or skin, many people schedule an appointment and then travel to a salon or spa. Once there, they wait to see their hair stylist or aesthetician, get a treatment, and then travel home. As an alternative to this hectic routine, people are discovering that a great way to save time and simplify life is to use ingredients found in their own kitchen.
3. Health benefits. Skin, hair, and personal care products contain dangerous chemicals; just do an internet search for propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, and triethanolamine, to learn about just a few of the harmful ingredients. Just as inhaling fumes, smoke, and particulates can damage the lungs, applying noxious substances can affect the skin, the body’s largest organ. Some ingredients can even pass through the skin and enter the system. Prepare your own recipes, and you can be sure that your products will be fragrance free, color free, and toxin free.
4. Environmental benefits. Chemicals from personal care formulas contaminate bodies of water throughout the United States. Phthalates in fragrances cause male hormonal and reproductive system problems. Triclosan in antibacterial soap, toothpaste, and other products produces thyroid damage in animals and, possibly, people. By using ingredients from the earth, we know they will return to the earth after we wash them down the drain.
5. Synergy. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs have long been used as skin and hair conditioners. Nature has a way of combining ingredients so that they complement and enhance one another to create an action greater than the sum of their individual effects. Take just one example, the tomato. Tomatoes contain all four carotenoids, nutrients which are thought to work better together rather than alone. Tomatoes are also rich in beta-carotene and vitamins E and C, and while these vitamins are great for the skin individually, they’re considered even more effective when combined.
6. Historical value. Generations ago, it was customary to make soaps at home and to use whatever was handy to beautify skin and hair. Today, making personal care products at home can give us a first-hand appreciation for what life was like in those days. Do-it-yourself skin and hair care projects are a way to relive a prior time in women’s history, and to discover the challenges, ingenuity, and wisdom of the past.
7. Cultural awareness. Trying traditional skin and hair care treatments from around the world is a fun way to celebrate cultural differences through a common pursuit of beauty. Recognize the resourcefulness of other groups by experiencing the effective ways they achieved health and beauty with the materials around them.
8. Accessible relaxation. People seek out spas for the health benefits that physical and mental relaxation bring. Most folks can’t afford frequent trips to spas, but it’s possible to create similar experiences at home. Because home treatments are cheap and convenient, it’s easy to enjoy calming, luxurious treatments as often as desired. Homemade masks, deep conditioning hair packs, and therapeutic baths are effective ways to calm the body and lift the spirit.
9. Ability to customize. A great feature of homemade products is being able to customize the formulas. For example, if your favorite scent is vanilla, you can add a few drops of vanilla essential oil to all of your products. Or, if you find that your hair needs more conditioning in the winter, you can add a tablespoon more oil to your deep moisturizer recipe. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
10. Fun of making and giving items. Many people find an intrinsic pleasure in making things with their own hands. Even if they could get pure, natural skin care products at any store, these people would rather make the items at home. Folks who enjoy making homemade products often use them as thoughtful gifts.
With these advantages, it should no longer be a mystery why people want the best recipes for skin, hair, and body care products. If you haven’t yet tried making your own treatments, start off with an easy one-ingredient recipe. Bet you’ll be back for more ideas!

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