So What Is A Manicure Exactly

Well in the most basic sense a manicure is the process of taking care of the hands. The more common definition is that of fingernail and hand care. The fingernail care is normally limited in scope to the care of the natural nails and not artificial nails. As nail salons have evolved into adding more services, the definition of a manicure has also evolved.
For the most part, a standard manicure consists of a hand massage, trimming and shaping of the fingernails, cuticle care, and the application of nail polish. The hand massage is usually done with the use of a lotion or cream that is oftentimes sold at that particular nail salon. The experience of applying the lotion or cream has a positive connotation and leaves a pleasant feeling in the customers mind. They want to replicate that positive feeling and subsequently buy the soothing lotion that was just applied to their hands.
The care of the fingernails is done using fingernail clippers. Some salons use specialty fingernail clippers and avoid using the common household type. Since they trim more nails than the normal household, the nail salon will invest in using an industrial type clipper that remains sharp for quite some time. The fingernails are clipped and shaped using an Emory board or other type of nail file. The edges are smoothed and rounded to an attractive finish.
Since the next step requires trimming of the skin and presents the possibility of infection, more and more localities are requiring licensing for manicurists and nail salons. Make sure that you only frequent those salons carrying the correct licensing for your location.
The cuticles are trimmed using sterilized cuticle clippers. This is a delicate process and requires practice and skill to accomplish competently. Cuticle oil is then applied to moisten the cuticles and prevent cracking and splitting.
Finally, a polish is applied to the prepared nail. The skill required during the application process is critical to having an attractive fingernail. If your technician is sloppy the results will be disastrous. Make sure you choose a manicurist with exceptional skills along with a pride in their craftsmanship. Everyone will be able to tell the difference if you skimp on a quality nail technician. Attention to detail is paramount and results in a beautiful looking manicure that will get you compliments wherever you go.

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