Skin Care Product That is Cheaper and Better Than Botox

In this world full of technological advances, it is no wonder why many people now are living a full and healthy life. Health supplements and health treatments are now very affordable and beneficial to everyone – whatever socioeconomic class you belong to. The advances in the health industry is probably one of the major reasons why a lot of men and women choose to beautify themselves. How, Through skin care clinics of course.
Going to your dermatologist in the past is something that only famous celebrities can afford. Today, since the skin care health sector is booming, skin care treatments are cheaper making it more attractive to non-celebs and ordinary men and women. Who can blame anyone who just want a boost in their self-esteem anyway,
Still, in spite of this convenient set up, many find it a little difficult to spare some cash on beauty treatments considering the global recession of course. But man is so skilled that we are able to develop things that are meant only for professional use. Botox, for example, which is a very popular anti aging treatment for those who want to get rid of their wrinkles, is only available from a certified dermatologist.
However, because of man’s inquisitive nature, we now have Argireline. What is Argireline anyway and why do I even bother reading this article. Well, if you are really concerned about your looks and you think botox is the only way for you but don’t have enough to fund this kind of treatment, then you must read through.
Argireline is actually a synthetic peptide (a unit which makes up protein) which, according to studies, has been shown to reduce and get rid of wrinkles on the face and is a good substitute for Botox. Why do we have wrinkles in the first place, Facial wrinkling is actually a normal part of aging, so we really can’t avoid it unless we have it removed. Argireline has been shown to decrease the formation of wrinkles. Actually this synthetic peptide is being used in cosmetic products today and the recommended dosage is 5% or more – the content being dependent on how fast you want your wrinkles to decrease.
The reason why this synthetic peptide was invented was because some of the ingredients used in anti-wrinkle agents in the past poses certain long term health risks. Argireline, however, has the same potency that effective anti-wrinkle agents have only without the so called “health issues”. The active ingredient in Argireline which is acetyl hexapeptide 3 (AH3) penetrates deeps into facial muscles thereby promoting relaxation effects. This result is what women call “lifting” effect with the added benefit of smoothening skin contours by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis.
More and more women are now using Argireline containing products and some even dubbed it as better than Botox. Argireline products usually come in cream form and women use it in areas where wrinkles are common, such as around the eyes and mouth, on the forehead and between eyebrows and neck. Results are cumulative, meaning, you can see how it can effectively get rid of wrinkles more and more as each day passes by. Research shows that reduction in facial lines (up to 17%) occurred after 15 days and up to 27% after a 30 day period. And take note, these studies are conducted with only a five percent concentration of Argireline! So the next time you buy for some anti aging skin care products, remember to look for the 5% Argireline on the label. So what is better and better and cheaper than Botox,

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