Self Inflicted Eye Damages

Bad vision is a condition most people do not want to have whereas it is problem some long to have. “Who on earth will want a bad vision,” is a million dollar question everyone will be interested in knowing an answer to. Keep reading…
Growing up in the North West province of Cameroon, school mates who wore glasses coincidentally were from rich homes with well to do parents. They looked cool in their glasses no matter ugly the glasses were. The few girls drew attention from all the boys while the few boys with glasses drew attention from all the girls. We later found out that these group of guys suffered from visibility problems and some had actually suffered from eye damage and were under therapy. This still did not take away the fact that they were cool and everyone wished they could put on glasses to school as well.
To be qualified for glasses, you needed to prove you had eye vision problems. Some coincidentally were screened and identified with vision problems whereas a majority were not. This lead to rampant self inflicted eye injuries. Mates physically created damages by constant trauma to the eyes, exposure of the eyes to direct sun rays for a couple of hours every day. The most effective way they say was application of starch in eyes overnight for a couple of days.
These methods seemed to work because the amount of students with glasses double continuously for a couple of years.
The use of glasses gradually became uncool and students moved to the use of contact lenses. This has now become uncool either and the quest for VISION WITHOUT THE USE OF GLASSES has constantly increased.

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