Satisfying and Authentic Answers to Our Profound Spiritual Questions Are Increasingly Essential

Questions and having relevant questions to ask especially in the area of spirituality can be good and exceedingly healthy. Questions can lead us on, not only to be further informed and educated, but into a deeper relationship with Almighty God.
When something shocking and startling happens in life we can have questions.
This piece is being written on the day when there has occurred this most serious earthquake in New Zealand. Such tragedies no matter what they are and where they arise can raise questions within the hearts and minds of us all.
Why are so many people having to face this in their burdened lives already, and most people are living burdened lives in these critical times and that is why I use the word advisedly.
Questions arise when we face illness and injustice and bereavement or redundancy. These physical questions can have related mental and spiritual issues.
We need to know that there is nothing wrong in asking questions. The search for answers can be a most therapeutic exercise. Many would testify to that reality.
Certain scenarios can give rise to unbelief and moodiness and even depression and these need to be heard and dealt with in a sensitive and tender manner.
Can there not be occasions when silence is the only answer until a day or a week or a month may have passed. To answer certain questions too soon can be dangerous.
When we see Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem at the age of twelve when He was taken there for his Bar Mitzvah, Mary and Joseph lost Him and when they returned and found Him, Jesus was back in the Temple listening and answering questions.
Over the years I have found the best answers come from Jesus Christ and the written Scriptures found in the Old and New Testaments. To omit or neglect the Scriptures can be the root cause of many question and troubles.
After Jesus Christ rose from the dead, as these men on the Emmaus Road presented their questions to the risen and living Christ, their eyes were opened at a certain point and they were able to see clearly what had happened and what was happening.
The consequence of their conversation and questions was a discovery that Jesus Christ was risen from the dead and soon they were back in Jerusalem sharing their answers and their exciting discovery with their colleague disciples.
By all means ask all the questions you have, but also be open and prepared for answers and discoveries which may just surprise you.
There are answers to most of our deepest and most profound spiritual questions.
If only more and more people were willing to accept and embrace the answers.
Sandy Shaw

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