Paraben-Free Face Care

With all the potential dangers paraben has been found to give, paraben-free face care is a must today. Just how important is it to avoid paraben in your skin care routine,
You have probably heard that parabens are NO-NO in skin care products. But how important is it really to be serious about paraben-free face care,
Parabens today are found in a wide range of household products including commercial moisturizers, shampoos, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical creams and toothpaste. Parabens are also used as additives in many food products. Parabens are added in these products because of their excellent ability to prevent fungal and bacterial contamination. But considering how widely-used they are, it can be virtually impossible to avoid them. This is the reason why consumers have to be vigilant about their choices in products to use every day.
The Risks of Parabens
But what is it about parabens that make them a threat to health, To start with, parabens have been found to mimic the hormone estrogen. Not in a good way through, as this effect seems to be linked with the development of breast cancer.
Studies on animals at the Department of Toxicology in Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health have also shown that exposure of parabens in mammals led to the abnormal secretion of testosterone and unusual trends in their reproductive system. Furthermore, there are studies that seem to suggest that parabens can affect the growth and development of adults and babies alike.
No Definitive Proof BUT…
At present, there are still many household products we use everyday which contain parabens. Parabens have not entirely banned as an ingredient because there is yet to be a definitive proof that can concretely mark paraben as harmful to the health. However, considering the possibility, are you willing to take the risk, Perhaps you would agree that the precautionary route is still best in cases like these. Why choose paraben-based products which just MIGHT be harmful, when you can have paraben-free face care products that are guaranteed risk free,
There is indeed no harm in taking the precautionary route – as clich,� goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. There are now a wide range of products that do not contain paraben, thanks to efforts of health and skin care companies to also go the safe way, for the sake of their consumers.
It is important to know that paraben-free products are just as effective as paraben-based ones. As mentioned earlier, parabens are usually used as preservatives in formulations. Formulations with no preservatives are even better formulations because they also do away with potential irritants. The best paraben-free face care products are those that contain 100% natural ingredients clinically proven to work.
No to Parabens
When dealing with products for your skin, make sure to prioritize safety and health. Yes, there might not be concrete studies yet that can prove without doubt that parabens are dangerous, why take the risk when there are safe alternatives made available for you,

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