Natural Ingredients of an Anti Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkles and fine lines on our skin is something that we should expect when we are getting older. This is the mark we get as our years of existence piles up. And when wrinkles and fine lines are visible, we tend to view this as a big problem but physical aging is something that we can cheat our way through. We just have to choose the right anti wrinkle cream ingredients for our anti aging venture.
Anti aging and wrinkle creams have many ingredients in them that have been proven to work and deliver satisfactory results. These ingredients are natural in order to be sure that it would be safe to use the product on the skin. Some products are the following:
CoQ10 – as we age the collagen and elastin production in our body decreases. These two elements are responsible for keeping the skin firm and moisturize. The job of CoQ10 is to help the cells boost the production of collagen and elastin in the body to rejuvenate the health of the skin or prevent wrinkles appearing the skin. Aside from being an aid in production of collagen and elastin, CoQ10 is also an anti oxidant which wards off free radicals that may harm our skin.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – this ingredient is quit popular and is almost seen in every skin care products. This is basically used as an exfoliating agent. Aside from exfoliating the dead skin cells this will stimulate the production of new and healthier cells of the skin.
Peptides – this is a combination of two or more amino acids. The job of peptides is to flush out free radicals from the body to prevent the harm it can do to the skin cells. This will also help in moisturizing the skin leaving its pores free of clogs that would result to skin problems.
Sunscreen – the sun is the biggest free radical in the environment. Its UV rays can easily damage the skin and its cells. This will dry the skin which will eventually result to wrinkles and fine lines. Skin care products included this as an ingredient to protect the skin from the suns UV rays. However, some of the other skin care products do not contain sunscreens which lead us to purchase an individual sunscreen product just to make the protection from free radicals complete.
These are some of the important ingredient one must look into an anti aging and wrinkle cream product in order to achieve a guaranteed and satisfactory results.

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