Is That Best Selling Natural Skin Care Moisturizer the Right One For You,

Just because a formula is the best selling natural skin care moisturizer does not mean that it is the formula you want to use on your skin. A lot of the formulas that are big sellers will do very little in order to help you to attain skin that is both healthy, and younger looking. As a matter of fact, very few of the formulas available will do anything positive for your skin at all.
Despite bringing in billions of dollars in profits every year, the majority of the cosmetics industry puts very little back into the products that they make. These companies could afford to include any ingredients that they want to in their formulas, but they tend to use the lowest costing components that they can find. You deserve more than what they are giving you for faithfully buying their products.
If you take the time to study to analyze the ingredients that are present in the best selling natural skin care moisturizer, you might be surprised at what you find. You will typically find almost none of the ingredients that you would expect in a formula the company claims as all natural. Even some of the natural compounds that are present may not be as effective as you would think.
The ingredients that I am referring too are the all too often used collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid compounds, as well as petroleum based moisturizing agents. The truth is that mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum are not effective moisturizers, because they are barely capable of penetrating your skin. The bulk of these petroleum compounds end up simply forming a film on the skin’s surface, where they accomplish little more than clogging your pores.
The collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the best selling natural skin care moisturizer will do even less for your skin, because it is impossible for these compounds to penetrate your skin at all. These three compounds are far too dense for your skin to be able to absorb them, and they cannot be broken down. The promises that these compounds will eliminate your wrinkles are simply lies that the cosmetics industry feeds you.
If moister, healthier, younger looking skin is what you desire, then you are going to have to wade through these worthless products in order to find one that is truly 100% all natural. A best selling natural skin care moisturizer should feature plant based oils and waxes as a base, because these compounds moisturize your skin deeply and effectively. Compounds such as avocado oil and active Manuka honey also increase the amount of collagen you have.
The best selling natural skin care moisturizer should be the one that contains compounds such as Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame, as they have the ability to dramatically increase the levels of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.
The difference between an effective formula and one that will do nothing for your skin comes down to the ingredients that the formula contains. Many companies aren’t giving you what you need.

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