International Communications Using the Universal Language

What if we were taught to speak a universal language with the intention of sharing it with our heart and deepest wisdom before we focused on our thoughts,  In neurological terms, this means utilizing the right brain, as well as the left brain. The right brain is responsible for spatial awareness and our creative abilities. It is connected to our emotional center and the Wisdom of Our Body.  The left brain is the center of thinking ability. This is where the triggers of our habits are centered.   In our society today, we evaluate people more by the use of their left brain and how they think than how they utilize their whole brain.
In every human being’s life, regardless of nationality, we have to learn to use our whole brain. When the left and right brain work together harmoniously, we manifest at our full potential. Let’s just look at how that would affect significant parts of our life:
When people focus on their thoughts and their past conditioning, they reinforce their limitations as they deal with a health struggle.  If the habit of going beyond our logical thinking was established in youth, everyone would approach a health struggle utilizing the Wisdom of Their Body. The Wisdom of the Body is the home of powerful inner resources and the natural ability to heal. When we focus on our thoughts, cultural differences and individual identity, we limit this ability.  Patients need to become partners with their medical team. They need to use inner resources to work with their treatments, medications and their therapists to make healing effective.
If patient participation could lower the medical expenses every country faces today, why would we ignore that,  Instead of only looking outside for the solutions to our problems, we need to look within and participate with our deepest wisdom to lower the medical expenses.
In Latin, the word education means to draw out. We draw out from our deepest wisdom and put it into our thinking mind. When people only learn with their left brain, they develop habits that limit the quality of their life. When they learn with their whole brain, utilizing the left and right hemispheres, they naturally integrate what they learn into their life. Imagine if the way we educated our children developed their character in a positive way. It takes faith to go beyond thinking and have nothing to hold onto. In Latin, the word confidence comes from con fide/with faith.
This is not something that can be learned from a book. It has to be developed through experiential habits that come from music appreciation, self-trust and the appreciation of a beyond-thought reality.  For instance, the violinist, Isaac Stern, was the first American sent on a cultural mission to China after relations were re-established. His musical teaching enabled Chinese music students to go beyond their cultural habits and musical training to explore a new reality. Imagine if every student had the opportunity to go beyond their conditioned habits; they would be able to take in information without filing it into their preconceived ideas. Our education system has to incorporate developing the whole brain instead of just the intellectual abilities. Using the whole brain is how new ideas and ways of thinking are established.
The quality of life does not depend on the health of your body, your education or your income; it depends on your focus. Developing habits that incorporate the whole brain, helps you live a quality life.  The major cause that limits the quality of life comes from the way you use your brain.   If you develop the ability to use your whole brain, you incorporate creativity, emotions and intellect into the moment. Imagine what that would do to relationships. Take your focus from the ruts of poor past conditioning and incorporate creativity and spirituality into a conscious moment; that creates a beautiful relationship. Actually, that creates a beautiful life.
© Marc Lerner and Life Skills Institute 2009

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