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How to improve eyesight is a common question which is often put up by the people in public forums. People are not directed in the right path by the doctors and make them confused regarding the treatment procedures. Glasses are commonly suggested by the eye specialists to improve vision. Being a doctor by profession I am here to explain you something different for your eyes other than lenses. There are many simple exercises which will help to improve your vision. How to improve eyesight using exercises is a common doubt which is present in the minds of the people. They help to improve the blood circulation to the eyes and strengthen the muscles.
Eye exercises are easy to learn under the guidance of a trained person. Make sure that you learn them in the correct way for maximum results. Here are a few methods which help you in improving your vision. Let me explain you how to improve eyesight using these methods:
o Eye drills- Take a chopstick and a pencil for performing this technique. Hold them at right angles and move your eye along the stick till the point where the pencil is held up vertically. Now travel your eyes on the pencil upwards and move the instrument closer while performing the act. This exercise will help to tighten the muscles and provide single vision.
o Chopstick Techniques- Keep a chopstick at 3 inches from your nose and another stick behind it at an arms distance. Now focus on the far off stick and move it closer towards your eye. It should look like you are trying to watch the stick through a gate. The instrument near you will appear as two but do not divert your attention from the far off stick.
There are many guides available on how to improve eyesight present in the stores which will educate you more regarding your illness. How to improve eyesight is no longer a question in today’s world.
Exercises are the best way through which you can bring back your vision to normal levels. There are many sites present online which contains all the information regarding how to improve eyesight.

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