How to Cure Dry Hair This Summer

The season of summer brings to mind glorious images of long, windblown hair and natural highlights. But look closer – the summer sun, with its sizzling temperatures and increased humidity can cause damage to the cuticles of your hair, which may result in frizzy, brittle or split hair and ragged ends. Exposure to the sun can be as damaging to your unprotected hair as a blow dryer on high heat.
All types of hair, whether thick, medium or fine, and all textures, whether curly, straight or natural, can suffer from an excess of summer sun. This results in loss of moisture, frizz and excessive dryness.
Biosilk Silk Therapy is a replenishing and lightweight treatment that is used to maintain and protect your skin and hair, and keep them both in the best possible condition. Biosilk Silk Therapy has concentrated silk molecules that will give your hair a silky and smooth feel, while providing you with brilliant and shiny hair, using only a few drops. The best treatment will help in protecting your hair from build-up, and won’t weigh it down. The extra sunscreens in the product will safeguard your hair from dryness, pollution and UV damage.
Frederic Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Clean Detox Shampoo gives your hair a deep hydrating treatment, while it gently cleanses your hair. It has UV protection that prevents fading, and it will leave your hair soft and shiny. It revitalizes your hair and restores its hydration. Sun-damaged and thirsty hair is replenished as it is cleansed. Marine botanical extracts and sea water mingle with other ingredients, and this will protect your hair from impurities and damage, while also offering it the benefits of bio-conditioning. Frederic Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Clean Detox Shampoo repairs, protects, conditions, replenishes, and helps to bind moisture to your hair, which will give it a silky texture and a shiny appearance.
Keratin Complex Shine Serum is a blend of keratin protein and precious oils, formulated with advanced technology. The keratin oils form an even layer on your hair shafts, without building up. This serum provides long-lasting protection and a vibrant shine, and you can use it before or after you blow-dry your hair.
Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray is quite light in weight, more so when you compare it with other products. It won’t leave your hair sticky, or build up at all. The Argan oil will help in enriching your hair until you have a shiny hold and manageable hair. The hold lasts all day, and this hairspray leaves your hair very healthy and shiny.
The DevaCurl DevaFuser Kit includes the special DevaFuser, which you can see is a universal adapter for 99% of hair dryers. The diffuser has a 360-degree flow of air, a design that is truly ergonomic, and it helps to eliminate the frizzies.

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