How to Care for Your Hands From a Magician Prospective

Many professional magicians overlook the importance of proper hand care, in this article I will personally go through: manicures, lotions, massaging and stretching your fingers. All of which will make you a better entertainer, maintaining more confidence along the way.
As a magician it’s best to have your nails done by a professional, to insure further success in your job. Your hands are the first thing your spectator will notice about you, dirty unclean nails will disengage your audience. Remember you are a professional; that being said keeping your hands clean will help improve your performances and your confidence.
Let’s assume that you’ve never been in the presence of a nail salon, the manicure specialist will file down your nails using a emery board or a metal file which ever you prefer, then the specialist would saturate your nails in warm water for up to ten minutes. This is to insure the cuticles are soften also, it helps in losing dirt or filling particles under or around the nail.
Having done so, the manicure specialist would scrub your nails with a soft brush. Followed by drying your hands thoroughly, using an orange stick the specialist would push back the cuticles.
To finalize a manicure your nails are then buffed with a special polish. The specialist would also apply hand lotion of your choosing.
Having the manicure accomplished,you then have a tedious job in deciding which lotion is best for your hands,
The lotion I prefer is Dan and Dave’s Fine Hand care for Gentlemen or (Sleight of Hand Lotion), this lotion is specifically designed for magicians.
With its quick absorbing, long lasting moisture; this enable the magician to control using a more refined precession. Also, theirs a scent of ground coffee which contains high amount of natural anti-oxidants, hands will also have a non greasy finish.
Now that you’ve acquired the adequate knowledge about the proper hand care procedures. You must also consider stretching your hands. This is to help insure more dexterity, flexibility, strengthen your fingers and hands.
Before I explain myself in the stretching methods keep in mind your pain threshold. If for any reason you feel an excessive amount of pain, slowly bring back your fingers into a neutral position.
To start off, add your favorite lotion to your hands, this will make your hands more playable. You will then began to massage your hands, clasp your hands together, tighten your grip get your index finger and thumb around your opposing thumb tighten your grip and push upwards.
Do this several times on both hands, if you prefer you can spread your hands place the knife edge of your left hand between your right thumb and index finger, now relax fingers placed firmly on top of the left hand thumb at the palm now, you want to massage your hand in a clockwise motion increasing your grip as desired. Keep a steady rhythm when massaging your hand also remember to do both your hands equally.
Now for the stretching, place your left index finger onto your right palm apply steady pressure through out your finger hold for 3 seconds. DO NOT EXCEED YOUR PAIN THRESHOLD. Continue to do this on all fingers as for the thumb, place on the opposing hand wrap fingers around and pull back SLOWLY and hold for 3 seconds.
Imagine your hands as a scale you must maintain balance at all times, for best results massage and stretch your hands daily.
Magic is a form to help entertain, with dry hands, unclean nails you will find your spectators to feel unpleasant with your performance. With this newly found knowledge you can approach your audience with confidence. Become the best entertainer you can imagine.

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