Hi-5 to Kick the Ugly Monsters Out of Your Pretty Face

Pimples, acne, outbreaks whatever you call them, I call them ugly monster who love me more than anything. Whenever, I have a function to attend, or I have to meet my boyfriend for a special dinner date, these horrible orgies pop-up on my face and make me really sad. Since, my teens I have been struggling an endless battle with them. I have applied every possible lotion, cr,�me, medicine but these nonsense, creepy ass***es come to my face. Trust me girls, there is hardly a thing left in my kitchen that I have not tried. All in vain, these monsters keep on coming and going. But this unwanted guest has definitely made me an expert and I am sure with my anti pimple tips you girls out there will learn a lot of informative tricks to kick these monsters away! 🙂
Check out the list below and yaa, take care of your skin. 🙂
# Tip 1
When, I was doing my Post Graduation, I spent almost three years in a boarding. Hostel life gives you many lessons and this one I learned from a sweet friend from my boarding. Once, I had my fresher’s party and a night before that, two-three pimples popped-up on my face. One was near forehead, which I planned to hide with my super hairstyle but the other two were on my cheek. I was upset and almost cancelled the program of attending the function, but a friend came up just like a messiah. She asked me to apply toothpaste on the top of the pimples. Trust me girls, it worked. The swelling was all gone in the morning and I attended the party with my chic swagger.
# Tip 2
This is one of the most common remedies to fight back pimples; apply lemon juice on the affected area and clean your face in the morning. It really works, but only if you are lucky. Most of my friends used to do it and it was beneficial, but my skin is over sensitive and it used to cause me burns and painful patches. So, if you have a skin like me, please don’t torture your face with the harsh lemon treatment. Same is applicable for vinegar mixed with salt. You can rather crush 5-6 mint leaves and apply its paste on the pimples. It will cool it down and will stop the bacteria to spread further more. In fact Aloe Vera juice is effective and it heals the outbreak quickly.
# Tip 3
If you can manage with bad smell, garlic cloves can help you defeat the ugly ghosts. All you have to do is crush few cloves of garlic and apply on the affected area twice a day. It can smell terribly and I couldn’t apply it more than once, but my cousins who had strong olfactory chambers managed to survive and were benefited. So, if you have the tolerance for bad smell, go for it. Garlic is a great remedy plus it makes the pimples disappear without leaving a single mark!
# Tip 4
Neem: It is one of the bitterest things in this entire planet, I guess. Amazingly, it has excellent quality to zap-up the enemy of beautiful and flawless skin. It neither hurts the affected zone, nor gives painful patches like vinegar and lemon juice. Make a fine paste of Neem leaves, add a pinch of turmeric and apply on the pimple heads. Although, it takes almost 20 days to entirely heal the infection, but it is one of the most popular and successful home remedy. Neem actually works; I have used it many times. It also resists the pimples to come back again and that makes it an efficient trick that I am glad I am sharing with you.
# Tip 5
For minor pimples or small swellings, you can apply a fine paste of orange peel with rosewater on your entire face. Leave it for ten minutes and wash with cold water. It will stop the infection right there. If your skin feels a little irritated with orange peel, replace it with cucumber juice and apply it with a clean cotton ball. Cucumber will refresh your skin and that will put a stop to acne. Just in case you don’t have cucumber, you can apply papaya pulp or ripe tomato pulp mixed with rosewater.
Last but not the least, wash your face at least 3-4 times a day to keep it oil free. You can use oatmeal for scrubbing off the dead skin. Drink 10-12 glass of water and include fresh fruits and boiled vegetables in your diet. Let your skin breathe properly and if possible try some yoga exercises. I am sure you will have a flawless and glowing skin. Have a good day girls!

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