Hands and Feet Care – Pedicure

You have well-groomed fingers on your two clean your feet, Disgustingly shameful-so dirty and worse, stinky! This is such a big turn-off to everyone, isn’t it,
The way you care for your feet should be like the way how you care for your hands. Consider your feet and toes a fragile thing to pamper. Oftentimes these extremities are overlooked, but we do not realize that these are the core foundation of our wholeness. These carry most of the hard loads of our body and when these are already strained, we hardly move at all. Learn to give attention, take note…extra attention to these tired parts of our body.
Pedicure- This is the best beauty regimen for our often-ignored feet. Only few people know how to handle these bottoms properly. To make up for it, pamper your toes and feet with some of this! Beautiful foot and toe should always in the pink-literally. Check the list below to have one:
1. Ready your stuff on the table: toe nail trimmer, cuticle remover, emery board, toe separator, 3 kinds of polishes (similar to manicure set), foot lotion, warm water with Epsom salt.
2. Trim nails in the length you desire. Pile the edges to get your desired toe nail shape.
3. Soak your feet on warm water with Epsom salt for 5 to 10 minutes. This will kill the bacteria and help loosen up dry skins.
4. Brush each toe nail with cuticle remover to remove the dry sagging skin found in the corners of your toes (remember to take it easy for your safety)
5. Clean it with cotton pads. Gently pat it for a more relaxing feel.
6. Massage it with your foot lotion. Take time on each toe. But do not traumatize your feet by over kneading them.
7. Apply the base coat. Make sure to use a toe nail separator so that it will be polished neatly, no cluttering of the nail brush as your spread it on each toe.
8. Let the base coat dry for a minute.
9. Proceed with the colored polish. It is advisable to match it with the color of your nails. Double coat it for a more lustrous look. Let it dry by itself.
10. Do not blow the polished toes on it or expose it on a fan for an instant drying up. The polish has a sensitive chemical content which easily blots by air.
11. Finish the polish with a top coat. This dries up the beautiful shades on your toes quickly.
12. Let it dry before you slip on with your sexy slippers or shoes.
Some people complement this regimen with additional services-a foot spa to name a few. This treatment is specifically done for our heels. If our toes get the annoying dryness, expect this very bottom to acquire one too. The only difference is the procedure is a lot more extensive and oftentimes costly. For the meantime, start up a good foot hygiene with this basic cleaning.

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