Give Health to Get Health!

Giving is receiving
I think that we have all heard the phrase, giving is receiving, but do we really understand it,
To truly get what you want in life you must first give freely of what you have.
So, to get health you must give health. To get wealth you must give wealth.
It is important to know that abundance comes from making others better off and the reason to get more should be to be able to give more.
I know that this is not an easy concept for the western world to understand as we are constantly focused on getting as much as possible and not giving very much.
Nothing to give
Now you might tell me, what if I have nothing to give or on idea what to give,
We always have something we can give to other people, how about:
* a smile
* a compliment
* a loving word
* an advice
* an old book that could help someone
* a health recipe
If you like to get better health, start finding things that will be good for yourself. You can be sure that if it is good for you, 1000s of other people would like to know about it.
Tell people about your health experience, how you cured yourself or how you struggle not being able to cure yourself and you will see how help in many forms will be returned back to you.
Your problem is your opportunity
Many people are facing health problems and forced to take actions in one way or another. You might do special research about alternative products or you might be able to develop your own product.
Whatever it is, the circumstances you are dealing with force you to take actions that you never thought of before.
Suddenly you become the expert in your field helping many other people, with the same problem, to a better life.
So again, start giving of what you have in the field of what you like to receive and a new world of opportunities will be open for you.

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