Facing Bleak Prospects in Various Areas of Life – Consider the Challenge of Becoming an Intercessor

Prayer requests arrive regularly, throughout the year, and we receive many Prayer letters inviting us to pray for and interceded for various front line organisations serving in the Kingdom of God.
This request was rather different as we prepared for 2010.
We were being asked to consider various aspects of need in our nation. Our nation is in such great need as Almighty God is being marginalised and ignored and even rejected. But there are many people praying. In fact, I really think there are more people praying serious in these present days than there were some thirty to forty years ago.
Our God has been raising up intercessors and they can be a scarce breed of people. Interceding is work done in secret and very few people know who the true intercessors are. Regarding intercession, it is God alone who knows the hearts of those who pray with fervour. and it is best kept that way.
Let me share with you the outline of what we have been asked to consider as we come to pray and intercede.
Our country appears to be in ruins financially, and the situation is possibly much worse than many realise.
Our industries are destroyed, or are being destroyed.
In many places, our Health Service is a disgrace.
Our armed forces are being sent off to fight, but why, Many wonder that. Why are we in Afghanistan, What are we really doing there, This is is such a vital area of profound concern.
Across the nation our children are being deprived of a good education.
Our rights and liberties are being eroded at a rapid pace.
The Church of Jesus Christ appears to have no effective voice.
This is an hour to plead for God to be merciful.
Having just listened to the call, broadcast by King George VI, inviting the nation to prayer, supported by the Prime Minister, many gathered within a few days, in May 1940, to intercede, and the consequences were remarkable.
Alongside prayer, one experienced leader has recently declared that this is a time to invest in the poor, and give to ministries which are working among the poor, and alongside the poor.
Lay up treasure in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. This affords us security against greed and corruption.
In the month of December, Time magazine described the last decade as being ‘Hell’ and Newsweek similarly depicted the last ten years, indicating the next ten will be better. ‘Hell’ was a gross exaggeration, but the future prospects may not be all that much brighter.
Some things will get worse and some things will get better. Choose to be one of those who will improve and get better. Accept the challenge and consider becoming a intercessor.
Sandy Shaw

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