Fashion Styles And Haircuts

An old English idiom says: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This means that we shouldn’t evaluate people by appearance alone. Nobody likes to be judged by their suit, shoes or their gown. But, sometimes, appearance... Read more →

Cosmeceuticals – A Beginner’s Guide

Cosmeceuticals are considered both drugs and cosmetics; both of which have two different uses. Cosmeceuticals typically contain higher levels of active ingredients including phytochemicals, antioxidants, essential oils and enzymes. They are... Read more →

Healthy Hair

Hair for a woman is her pride and joy; we all know that if your hair isn’t right it spoils your whole look. You can be wearing the most expensive designer outfit but if your hair is dull and lifeless or you’ve had a bad cut (I’ve... Read more →

Getting Jiggy With Making Your Own Shampoos

Just try to calculate how much you spend on shampoo in a years time and you will quickly come to realize how much shampoo we actually use! Just imagine making your own shampoos in the fragrance and consistency that YOU desire. I am going to... Read more →

Female Hair Care Tips

Hair gives beauty to women and it increases their appealing look. There are lot of tips to maintain the hair more beautiful and healthy. Here are some tips for the same. Tips to overcome dry hair: The long hair gets dry due to heat styling,... Read more →

Hair Loss Treatment – Provillus

Hair loss treatment provillus is a very effective measure to stop hair loss in men and women. More over it is beneficial for them in more ways than one. It helps reduce the aging effect and protects the skin cells. It also works as a boost to... Read more →

Brave Haircuts

If you have decided to become popular and make everyone passing by turning their heads to have a better look, I’ve got good news for you: it’s time you took the chance. This season you will be super trendy with a brand new haircut... Read more →

Rusk Hair Care Products – Review

Ask a professional stylist what products they currently use on their clients and they will undoubtedly say that they use Rusk Hair Products. Rusk has been a major player in the professional hair product market for many years and become a premier... Read more →

Minimizing Split Ends for Longer Hair

Split ends are so frustrating, especially for those trying to get their hair on the right track! Split ends are tricky because even after you clip them, new, vulnerable ends are now exposed that are destined to split, and split FAST if you aren’t... Read more →
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