Brave Haircuts

If you have decided to become popular and make everyone passing by turning their heads to have a better look, I’ve got good news for you: it’s time you took the chance. This season you will be super trendy with a brand new haircut and a brave color for it: silver-blond, volcanic red and even mauve.
Blond curls will light up the fire this autumn. Pick a reddish blond in order to get a vintage look or a bohemian one.
For a maximum effect, cut your hair up to your shoulders, and dye the strands of hair underneath in darker, but subtle shades of blond. They will perfectly underline your facial features. If you are bold enough, you can dye your hair in reddish or mauve shades. Together with an asymmetrical hair cut they will provide you with a full of energy look.
Moreover, this fall all the ladies should have the guts and cut their hair really short. This is the new trend, as the pixie cut is back again. The reason why more and more women choose this hair cut is because it saves them lots of time and energy with arranging it. Not to mention the costs! If you choose to go for this haircut, you are going to save significant money on hair products.
In the ’50s, for example, only women who were really independent and sure of their qualities would give away their long hair for a short haircut. The actress Audrey Hepburn was the one to set the standards when she appeared for the Oscar Awards Celeration, in 1954, with a very bold look, but, considered by the critics, very chic. Not only did she receive the award for the best actress in a leading role, but she has established a trend in hairstyling which is still in fashion.
Nevertheless, please keep in mind that bold does not necessarily mean non-conformism. For some of us, a bold haircut means a haircut which does not follow the classic patterns or something different from what we used to have for a longer period of time.
If you have medium hair, you can obtain a bold hair cut by arranging a cute, sassy, yet romantic bob.

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