Bad Breath: The Basics Of Dealing With The Problem

It is one of the main concerns of people. Maintaining a fresh breath and good oral hygiene is more than just a health issue. It is also something that people need to feel more confident about their self. It is like a part of self-grooming and self-improvement. You can say it is vanity, a very necessary vanity.
Sadly though, many people still suffer from it. Despite regular oral care, about a quarter of today’s adults will face the problem from time to time. And a fewer number will have recurring problem that it becomes a nuisance to daily life. So what causes it exactly,
General Causes
You might think it is just the garlicky meal. But more than that, there are other more serious reasons. Bad breath could be coming from food debris that stagnated in the mouth, teeth that are decayed, or bacteria formation in the tongue. It might also indicate a serious health problem which needs medical attention.
Bad breath could also be caused by abnormalities in the air passageways. Conditions such as sinusitis, polyps, pneumonia, bronchitis, and others can affect airways and lead to bad breath. Additionally, bad breath might also be the result of disturbed passageways in the stomach and esophagus.
Identifying The Problem
Here is another major problem that can cost you your social life: some people might not even realize that they have bad breath. And to make things worse, the subject is quite taboo so no one will likely tell you. So how do you know you have one,A�
You can cup your palms, bring it close to your mouth and nose and then breathe on it. It should be easier to smell your own breath this way. However, take note that if you have bad breath, it will smell 5 times stronger to other people. So imagine the actual to be 5 times than what you caught. If you want to be sure, you can go to your dentist.
When You Visit Your Dentist
When visiting the dentist, most people usually has the tendency to mask their bad breath. You should not do this. It should be natural but it does not mean you should not brush your teeth. On your visit, your doctor will identify possible oral causes such as decays, sores, and food stagnation. If needed, oral treatments will be carried out to remove these causes.
If however your dentist did not find any oral cause, the problem might be something else. In this case, your dentist will refer you to another doctor.
Personal Care
Following a good oral hygiene is important. This should be the case whether you have been diagnosed with bad breath or not. This should consist of all the normal routines you know including regular brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.
As an addition, you might want to avoid binge eating, drinking sodas and other sugary drinks, and also coffee. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and that you eat healthy meals. When buying toothbrush, the bristles should have round tips and the head should be ideally slim. Your toothpaste of choice should also be rich in fluoride.

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