Don’t Experiment With Your Health

If you walked into your doctor’s office tomorrow with a minor complaint and she said “I would like to try this experiment with your health. There is no real proof it will work, but I read on the Internet that it should. It might... Read more →

Aromatherapy Hand Care

Hands are very important and if they are not taken care of can give away the age of the person even more than the face and neck. We use out hand for so many daily chores that if we are not careful to protect and nourish them they can soon take... Read more →

Zazen Meditation

The word Zen comes from the Chinese word chan and means to attain enlightenment through meditation. Enlightenment means to awaken, to become aware and to understand the nature of all that is. There are many different forms of Zen Meditation.... Read more →

Are You Talking to Yourself?

Are we crazy or not, Are you one to those people that is talking to yourself, Not to worry, we all do… We all have these voices either trying to encourage us or let us down. Listen to yourself for a while and find out how you talk to yourself.... Read more →
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