Getting Jiggy With Making Your Own Shampoos

Just try to calculate how much you spend on shampoo in a years time and you will quickly come to realize how much shampoo we actually use! Just imagine making your own shampoos in the fragrance and consistency that YOU desire. I am going to... Read more →

Female Hair Care Tips

Hair gives beauty to women and it increases their appealing look. There are lot of tips to maintain the hair more beautiful and healthy. Here are some tips for the same. Tips to overcome dry hair: The long hair gets dry due to heat styling,... Read more →

Skin Care For Your Hands and Feet

The skin on the hands and feet are mostly left out and ignored. These areas are actually more prone to drying because of the exposure to extreme temperatures. Therefore, the hands and feet require better skin care, cleaning, and even exfoliation. Your... Read more →

Hands and Feet Care – Pedicure

You have well-groomed fingers on your two clean your feet, Disgustingly shameful-so dirty and worse, stinky! This is such a big turn-off to everyone, isn’t it, The way you care for your feet should be like the way how you care for your... Read more →

What Is LASIK,

Developed in 1991 by Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris, LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. The procedure utilizes a highly specialized excimer laser beam that reshapes the keratomileusis or cornea to correct vision. It helps flattens... Read more →

Green Contact Lenses

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could change your eye color to green (or any other),¬†Well, you can use contact lenses to do it. Those contact lenses are called colored contacts. They don’t usually cost much and you can get completely... Read more →

Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men

There’s no debate: masculine men aren’t down with artsy fartsy skin care. That means they aren’t going to spend time and money tinkering with various flower scented creams, finger through a range of dainty tubes, jars and bottles... Read more →
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