Aromatherapy Hand Care

Hands are very important and if they are not taken care of can give away the age of the person even more than the face and neck. We use out hand for so many daily chores that if we are not careful to protect and nourish them they can soon take on a very poor condition.
Even the best quality skin quickly suffers from so much contact with detergents and other household products. As much as gardening is a wonderful occupation, it has a harmful effect on the hands unless they are well protected.
To help counteract these harmful effects on the hands, use a deep soothing massage with an oil made up of patchouli ( to keep tissues well nourished) and lemon (which is excellent for the quality of the skin as it is both softening and whitening). Mix these two essential oils at 3% in either wheat germ oil, which is high in Vitamin E, or jojoba oil which is excellent for feeding the skin. If there are any issues with previous burns to the skin, lavender oil should also be added.
Also apply a warm poultice of crushed linseed. This can be bought in health shops either ready crushed or whole, in which case you can crush it yourself in a coffee grinder. The linseed oil is good for the skin and the added warmth encourages the penetration of the oil more deeply into the skin. The feeling on the hands is unbelievably soothing and comforting, immediately improving the quality of the skin. It is particularly helpful in the cases of rheumatism and arthritic joints. It also improves both the blood circulation and the lymph flow, so making the hands more supple and less prone to aches and pains. The same treatment is helpful after injuries.
It is recommended to apply the above oil morning and night. It should be massaged well into the skin, while smoothing each finger with a movement similar to that of putting on gloves. Give your hands a bath, with two drops of essential oil of either lavender or lemon well mixed into a bowl of warm water at least 4 times a week.

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