Antioxidant Skin Care Products – Some Ingredients Are Better

You won’t have any trouble finding antioxidants skin care products. In the last couple of years it’s become one of the buzz words in the anti aging market. But not all are created equal.
Of course, antioxidant skin care is only one component of an overall skin repair treatment program. There are other things going on in the skin besides free radicals which cause the signs of aging. Your cream should also promote the skin’s production of collagen and elastin, the two primary proteins that give it strength, firmness and flexibility.
However, having said that, there is no question that free radicals are a major cause of skin damage and any skin care product without powerful antioxidants wouldn’t be much more that just makeup.
When picking antioxidants skin care products, you should see more than one ingredient. There are a number of natural substances that fight free radicals: grape seed oil, active manuka honey, natural vitamin E (usually in the form of alpha – tocopheral) are all excellent.
And they’re also suitable for topical application which is another consideration. For instance, some skin care products advertise vitamin A which is an antioxidant. Problem is, it isn’t suitable to be rubbed into the skin because it often causes inflammation.
A quality anti aging skin cream will also have a coenzyme ingredient that occurs naturally in facial skin known as COQ10. This is the body’s primary mechanism to fight free radicals but with age, the levels of this coenzyme degrade. Good antioxidants skincare products will have COQ10 as a major active ingredient.
The issue with most forms of COQ10 though, is that the skin does not absorb it efficiently when it is applied topically so only the first couple of layers get its benefit. Free radicals occur at all levels.
There is a type of COQ10 that is produced through a nano emulsion process that can penetrate through seven layers of skin and this is what you want to look for. I’ve written more about this most powerful of all antioxidants skin products at my website.

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