3 Exercises That Work Wonders to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses because your vision is too weak, Have you calculated how much money you have spent by now on your eye wear, The worst thing is that your eyes just never get better even though you have been wearing glasses for years. It is time that you took some steps to improve your eyesight naturally.
There are many things that you could do to strengthen your vision, and exercise is one of them. It shows you very quick results because you will be forcing the muscles of your eye to do unaccustomed movements, thereby making them stronger. Many vision problems occur because the muscles of the eye are not strong enough to expand and contact easily in order for its lens to focus on far and near objects.
Follow these 3 exercises and you will begin to see results in a very short time. At the very least you will be successful in arresting the gradual degenerative slide that your eyes normally do after a certain age.
The first exercise you could do in order to improve your eyesight naturally is to focus on distant objects. We spend so much time reading or working at a computer terminal that our eyes get used to looking only as near objects. Stare at objects that are in the distance for at least 30 seconds at a time. Do this regularly throughout the day, at one hour intervals for best results.
The second exercise is a very good work out for your eye muscles. Hold your finger at least 12 inches away from your nose. Close one eye and look at this finger with the other eye for a few seconds. Look away to a distant object for an additional few seconds with your other eye still closed. Next, repeat the same exercise with the other eye open. For best results you have to repeat this exercise at least 20 times for each eye.
Another good exercise is to roll your eyes in your head by describing a 360 degree movement. First roll clockwise and then follow it with an anti clockwise movement. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times to improve your eyesight naturally by strengthening your muscles.
You will find that your eyes will gradually become stronger and you will reduce your dependence on corrective glasses. Build upon these improvements by changing your diet to include foods that are known to improve your powers of vision.

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