Hair Care in Summer: Some Tips

Hair- the crowning glory which attract every one’s attention towards you! But in reality very few people are blessed naturally by profuse healthy hair growth. Others, including even the most famous celebrities and socialites achieve it... Read more →

Why Choose Paraben Free Face Care

I was enraged after reading about parabens and how they have been found in breast cancer tumors. OK, so enraged is a strong word…mostly, I made that tsk tsk sound and shook my head like there was nothing I could do about the evils in the... Read more →

How to Improve Eyesight – The Talk of Town

How to improve eyesight is a common question which is often put up by the people in public forums. People are not directed in the right path by the doctors and make them confused regarding the treatment procedures. Glasses are commonly suggested... Read more →

5 Ways to Improve Your Skin

There are countless assaults on your skin day in and day out. They come from all directions keeping your skin from looking its best. Pollution, sun exposure, toxins, pesticides, poor diet, lack of sleep, and stress love nothing better than to... Read more →

The Secrets to Having Beautiful Teeth

If you would like to have beautiful teeth, read on. It’s not enough simply to brush your teeth regularly! To have truly beautiful teeth requires more than just brushing. Extra time taken in looking after your teeth can have a huge impact... Read more →

Five Hair Care Steps That Go a Long Way

Hair is an important body part in the human being. It may have outlived its function of keeping us warm (we now have plenty of clothes for that), but it definitely hasn’t outlived its aesthetic function; where it is usually a part of what... Read more →

How to Avoid “Bad Hair Days”

A bad hair day occurs to every woman, every if once in a while. For many, it is just an outlandish nightmare, whereas there are few people who are not uptight that much. Bad hair days tend to affect our moods negatively, whereas our personalities... Read more →
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