2 Big Reasons Why Your Health is Not Perfect

Manifestation is real
Everything you see around you began as a thought in the mind of someone. The house you live in, the stool you sit on, the TV you are watching etc. Someone had a thought and manifested into a thing. The word manifest comes from the word “manifestus” which means visible and the Latin word “manus” which means hand. The meaning of manifest is to reach your hand into the world of imagination and pull out your desired object into existence.
Your life depends on it
You do not only manifest things into your world, you also manifest your health and situations. You are the fruit of your thoughts that you have planted and nourished. If you want better harvest you must plant better thoughts. Every thought has a consequence. No thoughts live in your head rent-free. Each thought is like a stone dropped into the sea of your life. The ripples are real. The stronger the thoughts are the bigger the outcome. If you carry angry thoughts everyone can pick it up and feel it. You infect the surrounding.
1. Your health is not perfect because you do not think good and nourishing thoughts about yourself and others.
What comes out of your mouth,
Start listening closely to what you are saying and talking about. Are you using words with high energy or is every second word a curse. What you say and how you say it has an enormous effect on yourself and others. Every word has energy, good or bad and create a future effect. Speak with loving words and you will find love and health coming back to you.
2. Your health is not perfect as you speak in an unloving way, using low energy words to yourself and others.
Change your future now
This is the time to start watching your thoughts that you carry with you every day. The way you talk is also a reflection of how you think.
Think good thoughts and speak loving words and you will see that the ripples and waves will move out in the world creating not only good health, also big material wealth.

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